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Here are some of the recipes  that I have come up with or have modified for my tastes.  Remember that cooking does not to be an exact science (except for baking, at least for me), so use these as a starting point....feel free to replace ingredients, add more or less spice...that's what make cooking fun.

Baba au Rhum
A classical French dessert, with a bit of a punch!

Stuffed Mushroom Tops
This is a pretty good appetizer...if you like CRAB!!!

Coquille Saint-Jacque a la Parisienne
This is an amazing dish!!! Another French classic that is used as an appetizer (though if it's done right, it might cost more to make then the rest of the meal)

Bourguignon de Boeuf
One of my favorites!

Choucroute au Johnny
Another of my favorites...makes great leftovers :-)

Cajun Seasoning
I use this on everything, from steaks & burgers to omelets.   You want blacken anything, this is the seasoning!

Cajun Seasoning by Joan
This is another variation on the seasoning, but not quite as hot.

Cajun Chicken by Joan
This is a very simple recipe that turns out a great dish.

Chicken Marsala
One of Diane's favorites, it's not very difficult to make, but tastes great.

Zoopa Pasta
A tribute to a meal I had at Zoopas, a restaurant in the Seattle area.  This is for the  garlic lovers in all of us.

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