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Here are a few drink recipes that I have either created, or received from friends over the years.  Have fun...


Golfers Breeze
Great for the 19th hole or pool out for brain freeze, this is a frozen (slushy) drink!

Raspberry Golfer
Another of my inventions and if you like raspberries, you'll love this drink!

For those that want a little something in their coffee!

In Seattle, we take our coffee & espresso serious, this is an espresso that will make everything look less serious :-)

T.X. Margaritas
I was introduced to this great twist on the margaritas one night before a Jimmy Buffett concert at the Gorge at George, WA by a friend on mine...the perfect party drink for parrot-heads or want-a-bees

This is a Christmas tradition around my house....this is NOT the hot chocolate your grandmother used to make  (THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!!!)

Yo Momma! 
This is a twist on the Cayman & Bahama Mommas that I had in the islands...I had to do something since I don't dive and there is no golf on Cayman Brac


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