Baba au Rhum

Baba au Rhum is a French dessert for those who don't like their desserts sweet.  It is a yeast cake soaked in Rum.




Active dry yeast 2 Tsp
Milk cup
Sugar 2 cups
Eggs 2
Butter (unsalted) 7 Tbsp
All-purpose flour 1 cups
Salt Tsp
Water 1 cups
Rum cup




1 Large bowl
1 Bowl
1 Thermometer
1 Whisk
1 Wooden spoon
  Plastic wrap or kitchen towel
1 4 cup ring mold
1 Wire rack
2 Small saucepan
1 Blunt knife
1 Fork
1 Platter



Step 1


2 Tsp Active dry yeast  
cup Milk Luke warm (105 to 115 )
1 Tsp Sugar  
2 Eggs Room temperature, lightly beaten
7 Tbsp Butter (unsalted) Room temperature


1 Large bowl
1 Thermometer
1 Whisk



Combine yeast, milk and sugar in large bowl

Let stand for 5 minutes or until foamy

Add eggs and butter

Blend well


Step 2


1 cups All-purpose flour  
2 Tbsp Sugar  
Tsp Salt  


1 Bowl
1 Wooden spoon
  Plastic wrap or kitchen towel



Combine flour, sugar and salt in a bowl

Incorporate the flour to the egg mixture (2-3 Tbsp at a time)

Beat the dough until smooth and satiny (about 5 minutes, maybe sticky)

Cover & let rise in a warm place until doubled in size (about 1 hours)



Step 3


1 Tbsp Sugar  


  Plastic wrap or kitchen towel
1 4 cup ring mold


Butter mold and dust with sugar

Punch down dough, divide into small pieces and arrange evenly in mold

Cover & let stand in a warm place until it reaches the top (about 45 min)

Preheat oven at 400


Step 4


1 Tbsp Sugar  


  Wire rack


Sprinkle sugar over dough

Bake until golden (about 20 to 25 minutes)

Let it rest on rack (5 minutes)




Step 1


1 cups Sugar  
1 cups Water  
cup Rum  


  Small saucepan


Combine sugar and water in the saucepan

Bring to boil over high heat, stirring continuously

Remove from heat and add rum


Step 2


cup Rum  


  Blunt knife


Unmold cake

Return cake to the mold

Prick top of cake with the fork

Gradually drizzle with cup of syrup

Remove cake from mold to platter

Gradually drizzle with cup of syrup

Add rum to remaining syrup (to be used at presentation)

Set aside (refrigerate until 1 hour before serving)





3 Tbsp Rum  
1 Tub Cool Whip whipped cream (Could use fresh whipped cream)
  Baba au Rhum  
  Syrup/Rum mixture  


1 Bowl
1 Whisk
1 Spoon


Let Baba au Rhum reach room temperature

Let excess syrup/rum mixture warm to room temperature

Combine whipped cream and rum in a bowl

Pour syrup/rum mixture over the cake

Spoon shipped cream into center of the cake

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