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Switching (Layer 2, layer 3, later 4, Multi-layer switching):

Slicing Through the Hype of IP Switching by Joel Conover (A good article on IP and different was of supporting it...including MPOA, Multiprotocol Label Switching.  Plus some stuff on 802.1Q & 802.1p)

IETFs page on Multiprotocol Label Switching - MPLS (Lots of links to other IETF pages)

Multiprotocol Label Switching: Enhancing Routing in the New Public Network (Juniper paper)

RSVP Signaling Extensions for MPLS Traffic Engineering (another white paper from Juniper and how RSVP has been altered to support MPLS)

Resolving Routes for Traffic Engineering (From Juniper, this paper puts the concepts together for RSVP and MPLS)

MPLS in Metro IP Networks (Another good white paper on MPLS, this time from RiverStones point of view)

Introduction to MPLS (Cisco Documentation) 

Multilayer Switching Overview (Cisco paper)



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