OSPF Network Types

OSPF Network Type Hello Interval Dead Interval DR Required RFC Based Neighbors Statement Required Default for which Interface Types
Point to Point 10 40 No Yes/No* No HDLC/PPP Circuits
Point to Multipoint 30 120 No Yes No  
Point to Multipoint Non-broadcast** 30 120 No No Yes  
Broadcast 10 40 Yes Yes/No*** No LAN
Non-Broadcast 30 120 Yes Yes Yes NBMA (Multipoint interface
* Yes on HDLC/PPP circuits, no on Frame-relay with P-to-P subinterfaces      
** Cisco only for SVC support            
*** RFC for LAN interfaces, Cisco only for Frame          

OSPF Area Types

OSPFv2 Puppy

OSPFv3 Puppy 

Area Type LSA1 LSA2 LSA3 LSA4 LSA5 LSA7 ABR Internal Router
Backbone X X X X X      
Standard X X X X X      
Stub X X X X     Area 2 stub Area 2 stub
Total Stub X X *       Area 3 stub no-summary Area 3 stub
NSSA X X X X   X Area 4 NSSA Area 4 NSSA
Total NSSA X X *     X Area 5 NSSA no-summary Area 5 NSSA
* Default looks like an LSA3            

OSPFv2 OSPFv3 Both  
LSA Data Base Routing Table Notes
1 Router O  
2 Network   Advertises Router ID from DR
3 Summary O IA  
  Inter-Area Prefix    
4 Summary   This from the ABR to inform the area how to get to the router ID of the ASBR from another area.
  Inter-Area Router-ID    
5 External O E1/2  
6 MOSPF   Cisco does not support MOSPF
7 NSSA-External O N1/2  
8 External Attributes   Deprecated
  Link Local O  
9 Link Opaque   Opaque LSA are for things like MPLS TE through an OSPF domain
  Intra-Area Prefix O  
10 Area Opaque    
11 Domain Opaque    
12 Opaque LSA   LSA type 12 has a scope field, therefore only one Opaque LSA is needed



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