Disney World September 2010

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On the plane On the way On the Bus from the airport to Disney
Yep, someone is excited Or tired At the hotel lobby
Checking in at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Jumba House The lobby The Lobby
The Bridge (5th floor), Sean's second most favorite ride, behind Splash Mountain   Back and forth
Faster the towels on the bed  
Sean's beds Look at the zebras!!!! Mr Cools
Critters From our balcony  
  From within one of the UN compounds A slow start
It was a million degrees out, so a little water to cool you down A little help please Thanks Dad!
Cooler now!   Let's try not to smile too hard!
Hidden Mickey Dessert at Jiko restaurant...okay dinner...okay a bottle & half of wine  
Nemo? Ok, I'm tired Bruce!!
Hey, come back here where are you going take a picture with us!!!
Not yet! One more Okay, two
Ham :-) Health code issues at the French restaurant at Epcot And then the rain came!
The Magic Kingdom from the ferry dock The Magic Kingdom A little wet...on the ferry to the Magic Kindom
We're on our way back Yep, over there Really
  Not bad...wish I had the other camera  
Animal Kingdom    
  Was a bit hot At the bus stop waiting to go back to the Magic Kingdom
Mr Cool   Ahhhhh
    A oh!
Now what??? Making me pose again! Not going to do it
Let's work on that smile that's better what did you do???
Buzz & Woody...my buds    
My American Idol!
After the initial audition, have to pick 2 songs Made it to the first show Practice
    Start of the show
  The contestants The performance
    The judges
    And then you wait
The votes are in and... The winner is?  Tiffany!!!! And you're onto the Finals
Breakfast at the club level   Nice shot Tiff, got me with my mouth full
Shots down onto the lobby from the club floor   Now you can see!
  Hey, when is it going to be my turn? Off to lucky number 7th ride of the week on Splash Mountain
No, you will get wet Oops, a bit of a log jam Ride's dead, bummer...I guess it wasn't lucky number 7
Wow Yep, that's a 3 year old working an iPhone! The family no longer on Splash Mountain
  Our last "log" of the day...stuck Hi ho, hi ho, it's out of Splash Mountain we go